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Watch Snorri Helgason play ‘Autumn Skies #1′ in session for 405tv

April 14, 2014

Originally posted on the 405


While in Iceland last year The 405 were lucky enough to spend some quality time with the very talented Snorri Helgason, who showed us around some parts of Reykjavik. He was also kind enough to play a couple of songs for us. You can watch one of those right here.

The session was recorded in Snorri’s studio in Reykjavik, which he shares with other Icelandic artists, such is the sharing caring community over there. It is taken from The 405′s upcoming documentary on Icelandic music, which you’ve all heard so much about – we’ll finish it soon… hopefully. But for now please enjoy.

As always we recommend you sit back, relax and watch in fullscreen 1080p HD whenever possible.

Created by Stephen Bevan & Tim Boddy

Snorri is coming over to the UK this month to support fellow Icelander Ásgeir on tour. We thoroughly recommend that you do all you can to grab the remaining tickets for these shows as you will be hard pressed to find a better showcase of contemporary Icelandic talent.

  • 8th April – Union Chapel, London
  • 9th April – East Village Arts Club, Liverpool
  • 11th April – Sugar Club, Dublin
  • 12th April – Roisin Dubh, Galway
  • 13th April – The Deaf Institute, Manchester

Video: Chairman Kato – Purgatory Live at the V&A

April 10, 2014

chairman kato purgatory

In late 2013 I created a short film for my artist friend Chairman Kato, someone who I admire that always partakes in thought=provoking (and beautifully fucked-up) projects. The piece was titled ‘Purgatory’ and took place at the V&A as part of one of their Friday lates – below is the blurb about the project:

“Purgatory- a live sound piece performed as part of the V&A ‘Destruction’ Late on September 27th.

Participants were invited to step into a private chamber and speak their unfulfilled aspirations into a microphone. Their words were then twisted and degraded in real time, creating an evolving sound collage that went on for 3 hours continuously.

Music Video: Pandr Eyez – ‘Cinematic’

April 4, 2014

Pandr Eyez cinematic

Myself and Stephen Bevan created our debut music video together with Stephen on directing duties, for boy/girl producer/singer duo Pandr Eyez. Watch ‘Cinematic’ here, which is taken from their current five-track EP, Present, and you can download for free from here.

Thanks to all that helped in making the video come together – especially Tom and Ferren of Pandr Eyez who you should really go and listen to.

The video premiered on Noisey – check out their article here.

Watch Young Fathers perform ‘War’ in session for 405tv

April 4, 2014

Originally posted on the 405


Independent LA-based record label Anticon have released some of our very favourite innovative records since its inception in 1998 – and are continuing this fine tradition with Young Fathers.

Alloysious Massaquoi, Kayus Bankole, and ‘G’ Hastings are the trio behind YF who craft brooding, and highly original hip-hop that somewhat reflects each member’s eclectic background. Their debut album DEAD saw a release earlier this year that our writer Andrew Hannah described in the following terms:

“It is one of the most compelling British, never mind Scottish, hip-hop records in recent memory, a celebration, a melting pot of nation and culture and a call to keep going even though, and we all feel it sometimes, it’s really bloody hard to.”

So while touring the album around Europe, we filmed a session with the trio of their track ‘War’ in London that you can feast your eyes and ears on below.

DEAD is out now through Big Dada / Anticon, and you can order it here.

Created by Stephen Bevan & Tim Boddy

Audio mix by Jake Murray

Dissected: The Simpsons by East India Youth

April 3, 2014

Originally posted on the 405


There are few shows – hell, extend that to any form of contemporary culture – that have made such a broad cultural impact on Generation Y than The Simpsons.

This idea formed the basis of an in-depth chat that I undertook with fellow Simpsons fanatic Will Doyle, aka East India Youth, in the run up the release of his quite stunning debut album Total Strife Forever (you can read our original interview

It’s influenced the way we talk. Our world view. Our cynicism. Our irony. Our comedic values. Our flippancy, particularly in regards pre-exiting culture and establishments. I’ve even used it for flirting for Gods sake. And in its early days it achieved this with a frightening accuracy in terms of wit, and covered so much ground that it’s hard for a Simpsons fan on a daily basis to not find a quote, a reference, a sound, whatever – that is relevant to an everyday situation. Even in this intro at the mention of “Generation Y”, so into my head popped-up Lisa and Bart’s MTV generation gambit:

Bart: “Nothing can upset us, we’re the MTV generation.

Lisa: We feel neither highs nor lows

Homer: Really? What’s it like?

Lisa: Mehhhh.”

Or even this. Or this from the infamous Homerpalooza Episode. You see? There’s a quote for every facet of your life. Entire conversations can take place consisting purely of Simpsons quotes. Read more…

Watch Lizzo perform ‘Batches & Cookies’ in session for 405tv

April 2, 2014

Originally posted on the 405


At the tail end of 2013 an album of such originality and, get this, an album that was seriously fun was released that made us do some severe last minute End of Year list changes. Landing the number 14 spot more specifically.

That album came from Lizzo, a US rapper from Detroit – and our writer Larry Day described her debut LP LIZZOBANGERS in the following terms:

She skirts trap and footwork, apes Outkast, yoinks Nicki Minaj’s technicolour hyperactivity and dabbles with funk. She sticks her mits into Motown…. Every flippant twist and seemingly random U-turn is testament to the joie de vivre she possesses.

While over in the UK promoting its release, we decided to film a session with Lizzo and Sophia Eris of her signature all out banger of a track, ‘Batches & Cookies’. The session was recorded in Brewdog, Shoreditch, and thanks to those guys for letting us use their basement space. A repackaged LIZZOBANGERS is set for release on 14th April on Virgin Records.

Created by Tim Boddy & Jonah Sugden

Audio Mix by Nathan Hetherington

Metronomy – O2 Brixton Academy, London 28/03/14

April 1, 2014

Originally posted on the 405. Photos by Katja Ogrin

Metronomy in concert - Birmingham

You know how you reflect on the person that you used to be from say seven/eight years ago? The way you acted, presented yourself, the things you liked. It’s often like viewing an entirely different person through some mind-bending filter.

And so it applies to musicians and their career trajectory not surprisingly as they are all human beings after all (mostly). It’s hard to believe that Metronomy‘s scatty instrumental debut album Pip Paine (Pay The £5000 You Owe) from 2006, and their fourth and recently released melancholic LP Love Letters are from the same band they’re so different. Tracing things back from album to album the transitions in sound although marked are most certainly organic – it’s only hugely noticeable when looking back to the start. The bubblegum synth-pop ravey nature of Nights Out that soundtracked my own nights out while a student, to The English Riviera where they matured in sound alongside Joseph Mount’s songwriting as I myself grew up (somewhat). They’ve changed and evolved as I have.

The quintessentially English four piece have also become rather huge in stature during that time – I first saw them support CSS of all people at The Coronet to a half-interested crowd; and tonight here they are selling out O2′s Brixton Academy to a fully attentive Friday-night crowd in the capital. Read more…


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