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My Favourite Place In London: PAWWS

July 30, 2014

This feature is taken from our End of Summer season.

When I talk to Lucy Taylor, aka PAWWS, her voice fills with joy and cheerfulness when she discusses her love for Alexandra Palace. “I’m from North London, not too far from Ally Pally and I used to go there all the time when I was a teenager, with my friends. We’d go ice skating, there’s a huge ice skating rink there and it’s got, I think, the best views of London. If you go to the top of the hill you can see the whole of London. I still live really close, about a five minute walk, and I go there every weekend for a little walk. It’s got a nice little boating lake, there’s a deer enclosure there as well and on Bonfire Night, they have a big firework display. There are loads of gigs there too, so it’s really cool.”

Taylor was born in North London and apart from spot stays in East London, and strangely the opposite side of the world in Australia, she’s always lived in the surrounding area, partly as she loves to be close to her family. “I’m originally from Friern Barnet and I’ve lived there most of my life. I did sort of live in Australia for a while, but apart from that, I’ve always lived around north London. I love it around here. I did live in east London for a little while but it didn’t feel right! I love North London, it’s my home and my parents still live here and I like being near them.” In fact, it might be her parents that installed the love for Ally Pally that she has. “I used to go with my mum and dad. There’s a really cool playground there, we used to go on the pedalos and feed the ducks. My earliest memory really is going with my mum and dad to see the fireworks, they always had really good fireworks and it gets really busy. When I was a teenager I’d go down there with my mates. There are gardens where we used to sit around and chat.”



A classically trained piano player and flutist, Taylor started her musical career as the keyboard player for Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke during his solo stints. In fact, they met as she was Read more…

Playlist: Music for your face // May/June 2014 mostly

July 8, 2014

June playlist 2014

Here’s a bunch of tracks I’ve enjoyed recently. Features new La Roux, How To Dress Well & Jessie Ware. Features two of my newer favourite acts in Years & Years & Jungle. Features a couple of gorgeous acoustic numbers – one from Karen O via the Her soundtrack, and a cover of ‘Melancholy Hill’ (Gorillaz) that I found. And features some other bangers, just because (I’m looking at you Ariana Grande).

Also features some terrible disposable snaps taken in May/June from a camera I got developed, for no reason.


CNV00003 CNV00013* Read more…

In Photos: La Roux – Conway Hall, London 01/07/14

July 2, 2014

I covered La Roux’s comeback show at an intimate gig in London – originally posted on the 405

LA Roux @ Conway Hall, London 01/07/14

LA Roux @ Conway Hall, London 01/07/14

LA Roux @ Conway Hall, London 01/07/14

Read more…

Video for Kitsuné – filmed at Village Underground

June 26, 2014

Me and Stephen Bevan made a video short for French label/general party people Kitsuné, who were hosting their summer party at Village Underground. The night featured DJ sets by Maxxi Soundsystem, Clancy, Lxury, a special Gildas & Jerry Bouthier duo and also one of my favourite bands of the moment Years & Years. Who were awesome.

Behind The Scenes with Cerebral Ballzy & Fucked Up

June 25, 2014

Originally posted on the 405


Brooklyn thrash punks Cerebral Ballzy joined Toronto legends Fucked Up at a recent stop at London’s Scala on June 18th. Tim Boddy takes a look at the events, before, during, and after the show.

Be sure to check out our recent session with Cerebral Ballzy’s Honor Titus once you’ve finished looking at these beautiful photos.

BTS: Cerebral Ballzy

BTS: Cerebral Ballzy

BTS: Cerebral Ballzy
Read more…

Photo update #1: Iceland

June 17, 2014

Iceland photo project - tim boddy

I’ve let my photographic/artistic practice slide over the past year or so, so here I am on a mission to post something photography-related on a WEEKLY basis – either in relation to my own work (new or old) or something that inspires me.

It’s half an act of self-promotion in all honesty, and half an act of getting into the habit of engaging with photo-based art forms once again.

So my first post is all about looking back at a project based on my visits to Iceland that I’ve imaginatively titled: Iceland. I’ve been fortunate enough over the past three years to visit for Iceland Airwaves with the 405 (though I did not manage to take any photos last time due to video work), and used the opportunity to take photos not explicitly of the festival in a standard gig photography manner, but of the periphery of the festival with my medium format film camera. The people. The details. The city. The country. And of places I cannot pronounce.

It’s relatively broad in terms of imagery and not a hugely “tight” project as it’s based mostly in me having fun with my camera. Although having said that, my plan has been to convey an outsider’s perspective of the country by highlighting – even exaggerating – a cliched view that many of us non-Icelanders have of the island via these images; you know that ethereal quality, and charming as hell. Or something.

Here’s a 2012-only version published on the 405

The full (well ongoing) project can be found on my website here – and below are a selection of images from it.

Reykjavík 'burb

Blue Lagoon Read more…

Primavera Sound 2014, Barcelona

June 16, 2014

Originally posted on the 405


Let us go back to back to those halcyon days of exactly one year ago, 2013. The sun seemed brighter, Miley was but a shy Disney childhood sweetheart, Kanye wasn’t a God yet, and any other inaccurate/inane pop culture reference you can remember please do insert here.

Anyways. Last year saw Field Day and Primavera going head to head in a direct competition between choosing the easier, familiar, quotidian option, and the more exotic, adventurous option. Shovelling cultural snow versus an expansive freeform experience? I gut-wrenchingly chose the easy option (have you attempted to persuade five other humans to do the same thing and get them to spend more money?) despite wanting to do both. This year the festival fell on consecutive weekends so the excuse book was empty. To Barcelona! I also befriended better friends over the course of a year.

Now the great thing about Primavera, now in its 14th year, is that it’s in Barcelona as just mentioned. I, and it turns out many others I speak to, do the smart thing and turn the festival experience into a holiday of sorts – extending stays before and after the festival to give Barcelona the exploration time the ancient Catalonian city deserves. Our second floor apartment is right on the edge of the Gothic quarter down a sleepy, spindly alleyway that turns out will be of huge help for the week to come.


The bits before the festival proper – The Gothic Quarter, Hot Chip and Tinder

Although the full festival line-up begins on Thursday, there are still festival-related things to indulge in earlier in the week. After a mini-explore and a generous bowl-full of seafood paella, I venture out late into the night (getting the hang of this nighttime Spanish going out already) and catch Hot Chip‘s DJ set at the Teatre Principal in the centre of the city Read more…


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